Oral Fun

Do you enjoy oral sex? You’re not alone! Many guys do, and there are ways to keep it sexy while staying safe.

To reduce the chance of transmitting STBBIs such as gonorrhea, herpes, or HPV, many guys use dentals dams either for oral on trans men/transmasculine folks or for rimming aka oral anal sex.

A dental dam is a thin sheet of plastic, often made out of latex, that acts as a protective wall, preventing your mouth, genitals or anus from having contact with STBBIs. While there is a risk of obtaining certain STIs from oral, there is little to no chance of getting HIV.

You can also make a dental dam out of an external condom. Start by opening and unrolling the condom just a little bit. Then cut off the tip with a clean pair of scissors. You will have a ring left over. You want to put the scissors through the hole of the ring and cut it once. Lastly, unroll it and enjoy! If you prefer a visual, here’s a video. (Content warning, there’s a mention of the term ‘vulva’).

You can even make a dental dam out of a glove that doesn’t have talcum powder inside. First, cut off the fingers but leave the thumb. Next, cut one side of the glove that is opposite to the thumb. Then, you can open the glove up and lay it down flat, with a sleeve in the middle for your tongue! Here’s a video for a visual demonstration if you prefer.

Some guys like to make a few early and keep them in a Ziploc bag. This way, you don’t need to interrupt anything to use one!

Curious about where to get dental dams? KONTAK us for more info.