What is KONTAK?

KONTAK is a harm-reduction program by and for gay, bi, and queer men who have sex with men (gbMSM) in Montreal. Our services are open to ALL men*. We distribute sex and drug materials, educate through outreach, information sharing and referrals and provide resources and support to gbMSM in need.

Our services

Sex & Drug Supplies

KONTAK is committed to harm reduction, and to this end, we distribute sex and drug materials to gbMSM in need.

We distribute free drug gear to reduce the risk of HIV and hepatitis C transmission, and free naloxone kits to prevent opioid overdoses. KONTAK guys can also get you strips to test any substance you’re partying with. Not sure how to use them or where to start? We can help with that, too!

We also distribute a wide array of sex materials to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STIs and to empower gbMSM to have the sex they want. We distribute some materials for free (a variety of condoms and lube) while others we offer at cost (premium lube, gloves, and sex toys). Trans and enby guys, ask us about our discounts on stand-to-pee devices, packers, and more!

Education for Prevention

Kontak aims to give gbMSM the tools they need to make informed decisions about their health and educates the community through outreach, information sharing and referrals to help prevent the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other STBBIs (sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections).

Kontak maintains an active, approachable presence in cis and trans queer/gbMSM community spaces, including clubs, sex and fetish parties… even at your private party!

Kontak shares information in person and online on harm reduction approaches to using drugs and having sex. Our detailed “TIPS ‘N’ TRICKS” guide is an accessible online resource covering a wide range of subjects related to sexual health and drug use.

Counseling & Support

KONTAK offers a wide range of counseling and support services to gbMSM in Montreal.

At one-on-one counseling sessions cis and trans gbMSM have a safe space to talk about and reflect on struggles in their lives such as disclosing HIV status to partners and/or analyzing their use of drugs.

We are a peer-based service, meaning our outreach workers are members of the LGBT community and have lived experience with substance use and addiction. We cannot replace a licensed addictions counselor or treatment and rehabilitation center, but we can offer a non-judgmental and open space to discuss what you’re going through.

Kontak also provides referrals to health and social services in Montreal. We maintain close ties to these sectors so that we can provide up-to-date information on everything from the changing landscape of opioid overdose prevention to referrals to non-discriminatory health clinics.


KONTAK offers workshops on a variety of topics catering to the needs of cis and trans gbMSM communities. We also work with other community organizations, sexual health clinics, universities, and even the Department of Public Health offering trainings on subjects such as chemsex intervention 101 and the sexual health of queer trans men. We are committed to ensuring that services across Montreal are as inclusive as possible.

Our most recently developed workshop called Meth & Sex which was adapted from ACT Toronto is geared towards men who have recently stopped their use of crystal meth and want to examine the effects that it has had on their sexual fulfillment. See our WORKSHOPS page to find out more.

From more structured series to one-time trainings, we want to make sure you get the information you need. Want us to come to your place and teach your friends how to inject safely? Want to set up a Naloxone training for your community organization? KONTAK us!

Commitment to inclusion

KONTAK asserts our commitment to provide services and support to the most marginalized and invisibilized members of our community. Our workshops and support services are available to ALL self-identified men or people on the spectrum of masculinity. This includes men on the trans spectrum, including non-binary people, men living with or without HIV, sex workers, differently abled men, neurodivergent men, men from Indigenous, migrant, newcomer, Black and racialized communities.

The team

Daniel-Jonathan Laroche

Daniel-Jonathan (DJ) conducts outreach, workshops, and one-on-one support at Kontak and provides risk reduction information and materials to gbMSM in Montreal. He has been an outreach worker for many years, is in the gay leather fetish scene, and is here to support gbMSM who party and play. KONTAK DJ in French or English.


KONTAK is a small team that has a whole community to support with a wide range of activities and information and we could not exist without volunteers. They join us at sex parties and other events, helping with social media, or doing outreach on hookup apps and websites. You’ll likely run into them if you see the KONTAK banner at your local sex party or leather bar. If you identify with the communities and work we do and are interested in a unique volunteering experience, you can register to be a KONTAK volunteer below!


Kontak is an Education for Prevention program run by AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM), Quebec’s only English-language community organization that provides services for people living with HIV or hepatitis C. ACCM provides peer support, practical assistance, and treatment information programs to our members. ACCM also coordinates innovative sex education projects that promote confidence and wellbeing.