Into Partying?

Do you party? Find out more about the drug supplies and support Kontak provides for guys who party and have sex with other guys.

Drug Use Materials

Kontak provides free drug use materials to men who have sex with men in Montreal.

Here is our menu of available items:

  • crystal meth pipes
  • crack pipes
  • syringes with needles (for steroids or drugs)
  • syringes without needles (for steroids or drugs)
  • sterile water
  • tourniquets
  • sharps trays
  • alcohol swabs
  • cookers
  • Naloxone kits (to treat fentanyl overdoses)
  • Fentanyl testing strips

Interested? KONTAK us for more info or to get your materials.


Kontak provides one-on-one counselling to men who have sex with men in Montreal.

At Kontak’s non-judgmental counselling sessions, you will have a safe space to talk about things like sexuality, drug use and PNP, testing and STIs, HIV and risks, gender identity, harm reduction, viral load, PrEP, PEP, discrimination, conjugal violence, mental health, self-care, alcohol, sex after drugs, social life, community building and more.

Want to set up a counselling session? KONTAK us.

Workshops & Groups

Kontak offers a variety of workshops & groups for guys who party and have sex with other guys. From naloxone training to cruising tips for trans guys who like guys, we can help get you, your friends and/or colleagues the information you care about. Work for a community organization? KONTAK us to know more about our naloxone workshop, chemsex 101 training and more!

Meth & Sex

Kontak holds an eight week “Meth & Sex” workshop series twice a year for guys who have stopped their use of crystal meth and want to examine the impact meth and sex have had on their lives.


KONTAK animates the Phoenix workshop that provides an innovative approach to sexual fulfillment and pleasure for gay and bisexual men, allowing them to explore their sexual desires and discover new forms of intimacy and communication methods.

Harm Reduction Workshops

KONTAK can provide formal or informal training around harm reduction practices. This includes Naloxone workshops to help prevent overdoses, using Fentanyl testing strips, safe injection workshops, and many more upon request.

ImpakT (PnP Support Group)

ImpakT support groups are spaces for men who have sex with men and trans/non-binary people who take part in chemsex and would like to make a positive change to their use of substances. It’s a space where people can meet up, chat, share and learn more about chemsex and how to party and play safely!
Want to attend a workshop or get more info? KONTAK us.

Sex Parties

We love to party just like you, especially when we know everyone is looking out for themselves! KONTAK guys can often be seen at your neighborhood circuit party, ready to answer your sexual health questions and give you some gear. KONTAK can attend your own private party to help support and educate your attendees and provide lube, condoms, syringes, pipes, and more. Want an impromptu workshop on safe injection, sex toy care, or anything else sex-related? Invite us, we don’t bite… too hard!