Looking Out for Each Other

Looking out for each other can be an important way to strengthen our community, so how can you do your part?

Treating other guys the way you would want to be treated is a good step.

Looking out for each other can mean getting tested regularly. We are a part of a network of guys having sex with each other. Since we’re all connected in this way, getting tested and knowing your status can affect the overall community.

Looking out for each other means that we never pressure other guys to do things that they don’t want to do. Sex is something you share, so it’s important that both (or all) guys feel comfortable with where things are going. Never pressure someone into fucking without a condom or into trying something for which they aren’t ready. Communication and consent are key to looking out for each other.

Looking out for each other can also mean helping to undo discrimination. Watching our language on dating apps is important to make all guys feel comfortable in our community. Learn about sexual racism and the impact of phrases such as “no fats, no femmes”. Respect each other’s pronouns and remember that trans men are real men, whether or not they choose to medically transition. It is also important to avoid words such as “clean” and “DND free” when talking about our sexual health because these terms are stigmatizing towards HIV-positive people.