Meth & Sex

Want to know more about using meth and fucking?

Meth is available in crystal, granular and powder form. It can be smoked, swallowed, snorted, injected or inserted anally (booty bumping). Some guys are using it and having sex because it gives them more energy and lowers inhibitions.

What you need to know:

  • Remember that using new materials every time is a good way to prevent possible transmission of HIV or hepatitis C.
  • Smoking it has fewer risks than slamming (injecting). 
  • Longer periods of sex can increase the likelihood of condoms breaking; try to use lube or change condoms between sex acts. 
  • Meth keeps you awake for extended periods of time, and you won’t sober up until you’ve had time to sleep it off. That means you should avoid getting behind the wheel if you’ve used crystal and haven’t slept. 
  • Meth can interfere with some HIV medication. KONTAK us to find out more, or consider talking to your doctor.
  • We offer a workshop series on meth and sex for guys who are stopping their use. KONTAK us to find out more or to register.