Cruising & G

Interested in cruising and using G?

G is available as a powder, in capsules, tablets or as a colorless liquid. In the gay community, it’s often used in liquid form, mixed with water or another drink. Some guys use it for cruising due to the euphoria and arousal effects.

What you need to know:

  • The difference between a dose and an overdose of G can be very small.
  • If you have taken a dose of G, wait long enough to feel the effects. Taking a second dose too quickly can easily lead to an overdose.
  • The combination of G and alcohol can be very dangerous. If you’re thinking of using G, try to avoid drinking alcohol that day.
  • If someone is incoherent, ‘falling asleep’ or is experiencing uncontrolled bodily movements, get medical help for them immediately.
  • Want to talk more about ways to look out for yourself and each other while using G? KONTAK us.