The sex pig’s handbook to dark and dirty sex,
STI testing and managing your health.

sex-pig [seks-pig]


someone who is into extreme limits of sexual activity, in that they push the boundaries of what is and what isn't socially acceptable, setting their own limits and making their own decisions about how they play.


If you can’t be yourself when fucking, why bother? It’s not going to be much fun. I enjoy letting go and being myself, and hopefully the other guy, or guys, are at ease so that they can be themselves too.

Sure, there are risks in sex, such as syphilis, hepatitis, gonorrhea, herpes; you name the STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection). But the biggest one we face, as gay men, and which affects our lives for the future, is HIV. To get around that, I’m always up front with:

“I’m HIV positive, I’ll bareback with you if you’re positive.” That’s it. End of story. Full disclosure there. They know everything, and they’re equipped with all the knowledge they need. I created a profile online that said it all

for me, and I don’t put anyone at risk. It’s about communication:

“Hey this is me, this is what I’m into, this is what I’m comfortable with,”and making sure other guys are comfortable with that. Otherwise there are always going to be misunderstandings.

There are neg guys who bareback, but only with other neg guys. But it’s more a case of, “Oh yeah I was neg last time I got tested” i.e. two years ago. And I think so-called neg guys have a lot to consider when HIV transmission is increasing. They just couldn’t be bothered to go and get tested . And after what I’ve been through –getting HIV– I think that’s being naïve and even irresponsible.

Yeah, I’m a little pig, but I have set boundaries. And that’s something that shouldn’t change, even when you’re on drugs. Some things should be ingrained in your behaviour, and in your character.

What you need to know:

You take a risk
and tell yourself:
“It’ll be okay.”

If you need
PEP contact:


I received a text message from this guy - and an invite to fuck. I hadn’t planned it, but the idea turned me on. Sex on drugs is just a total rush, and puts you into this full-on headspace for a wild fuck. There’s nothing like it and I’ve had some pretty hot sessions on drugs.

I also knew what our sessions often turn into… Meth… and well, you always want more (and more) but also more (and more) guys. Days later (literally) and you’re asking: “Should we do just one more line, and hook up with just a couple of more guys?” I’ve also had sessions where everyone is totally obsessed with the internet and who’s online, rather than who’s

in the room that they can fuck. Meth can really focus you, and sometimes too much. Meth, K, coke, and other stuff can connect people, but they can also make you more selfish. Some people really change, and not always in a good way. And when you’ve been off it for a while, you think… what was all that about?

After a few of those filthy extreme days, even for an extremist like me, I end up waking up with a valium in one hand, not enough to drink, not enough to eat, feeling like shit, and knowing I’m going to feel like shit for days, scratching my head, trying to remember it all
- or some of it.

How high do you really want to go? Are you ready to face the consequences?

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Drugs: Help and Referral 514.527.2626, 1.800.265.2626


I was at a club full of hot men. We connected and he hauled me off the dancefloor and into the toilets to just fuck me there - hopefully. We kissed and I got a hard-on. He took out an eye-dropper and squeezed it into his drink and swigged it down.

“You want some,” he looked up.
“Nah,” I said,
“I just want your cock now.” He leaned against the wall.
“Any minute now,” he breathed as I tongued him, feeling his butt and digging my hand down his pants so I could sniff his buttcrack. I knew this was going to be one filthy fuck and I planted my mouth on his, and we got more and more into it. Then he just suddenly slumped to the floor. Shit, there goes my hard-on! I dragged him out of the cubicle and took him outside. Thankfully the guy working the door was up on this stuff and told me to get him some fresh air.

They’ve obviously seen this a hundred times before. I managed to get him to stagger up the stairs and out to the street with me. I leaned him against a wall and he started to breathe heavily.

“You want me to call an ambulance?” I asked.
“No, no,” he whispered,
“This happens to me if I do too much G. Just give me some time. Just stay here with me.”

So I did. For half an hour. I got him some water and just sat with him on the street, as people passed us by, and stared at us. Finally he was able to speak again.

“Sorry dude, I fucked up. I must have timed it too early. You’re a nice guy for looking after me.”

So I went home with him. And we did finally have great sex the next day.

Know the difference between a GHB dose and
an overdose.

What you need to know:


Hot profile.
So what are you into?
I hate that question. Everything.
Is that your answer?
What are u into?
I’m into guys like you.
Cool. LOL
Into groups?
Yeah, definitely. You?
Yeah. Love being double fucked.
Fuck, I’ve only ever seen that in bareback films.
Okay, so you don’t bareback then.
I like to watch it. U?
I’m poz.
Oh, okay. That’s cool.
I find poz men a turn-on.
Because you guys are kind of out there. You don’t have any boundaries. I wish I could be like that.
Hmm. If you’re not poz why do you have “needs discussion” on your profile under safe sex?
I have some fuck buddies that I don’t use condoms with.
So you know for sure that they’re negative?

Well, yeah. I trust them.
Good luck, sounds like you could be joining the club sometime soon.
Ok. Maybe I don’t know for sure. Have you been positive for long?
About five years now.
You look good from your pics. Are you on meds?
I take care of myself. Not on them yet. But there can be other shit to deal with sometimes.
Such as?
Having to tell guys about it when you’re hooking up. :)
I hear you. … We were talking about fucking…
I’d really like to fuck you, but I’m not going to be the one to give it to you. We’d have to rubber up.
But I wanna feel your hot cock slide inside me.
Don’t worry buddy, you’ll feel it slide in… just this time it comes without any added stress for you or me.
Sounds hot… So why don’t you have that you’re poz in your profile?
Would you have clicked on me if I did?
Yeah… I see your point. So when’s good for you then?

Some guys tell you their HIV status. Some make assumptions and guesses. But they’re not always right.

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For more information about HIV disclosure,
check out:


It’s Thursday night and I’m horny as hell. Nothing new online. Too many liars, time-wasters and, worst of all, guys who say they’re into everything dirty and then tell you they don’t do this and they don’t do that. Hello? Didn’t they read my profile when I said I’m looking for uninhibited, raunchy sex? How clear do you have to be?

So I went to my usual spot… I like the theme nights at these kinds of places - they really seem to bring out the sex pig in guys. It was their naked night, so I thought it would be hot and it was… fucking hot.

A group started in one of the hallways. About five of us started getting into it, stroking and sucking cocks. Two guys started fucking, bareback, which was a huge turn-on for me. I went over and joined in. They seemed really into me. Then I was about to fuck one of their asses when the guy turned around and looked at me and said, “Yeah fuck me.”

He was hot. He also looked a bit out of it, but I wanted to do what I was told.
I asked him, “Poz?”
He said “No Man, neg.”
Hmmm, really? I put a condom on.

Naked night at the club
always brings out
the sex pig in guys.

What you need to know:


I’d pretty much tried everything. Except fisting. I’d always thought the idea of sliding someone’s hand and most of their arm up your ass could probably fuck you up pretty bad, but this guy made me see it differently. I actually found, like with most things, it’s more about width than length. He looked at me and said:

“This is all about pushing boundaries. Besides you have such a great looking ass that my fist just wants to adore it from within.”

Who could argue with that? Especially, as he was not only one of the best DJs around, but also one of the sexiest and filthiest men.

“Practice with dildos, and that way you’ll teach the sphincter to relax when I come calling with a love glove…”

I did, each time managing to get it further up inside me without any real pain. And poppers helped too.

“I’ll be gentle,” Steve told me when I was finally ready to submit myself to be fisted for the first time.

“You are so gonna love this,” he whispered.

“I still remember my first time. It was in New York with a daddy who I was hot for. He really knew what he was doing.”

I’ve always been versatile, so my ass was used to being fucked, but this was a whole new experience. We also had a hot connection that really made it work.

He kept whispering to me. “How’s that? … Mind blowing, yeah?”

The feeling was difficult to describe but fuck it was good. He had made another convert. I came then like I hadn’t come in years.

When I’m being fisted I’m conscious of us not getting so out of it that we don’t know what’s going on.

What you need to know:


Hey, just been to the doctor and it looks like I’ve got gonorrhea or chlamydia. Sorry to tell you the bad news but thought I should let you know.

Bye. Alex.

I thought oh shit… for about two seconds, and then I thought yup it was good to know. I wasn’t sure if I’d given it to him or he’d given it to me but that didn’t matter. He had fucked me a few days before without a condom – we’re both positive and had disclosed this to each other before we hooked up. I was on the tail end (so to speak) of a pretty big weekend for him, but I’ve also fucked a lot of guys and been pretty piggy lately as well. And I didn’t feel any different, any ‘symptoms’, but I don’t know how you feel if you’ve got an infected butt. I rang my usual doctor the same day.

As expected, he was booked up, so I got an appointment with another doctor in the same clinic. It was all cool. No drama. I told him the deal and he took a swab from my butt and throat, got me to piss in a jar, and gave me some pills for gonorrhea and tablets for chlamydia - and he did a blood test for syphilis just to be on the safe side. Yeah, it was all good. Glad he told me. I probably won’t see him again but who knows? I’d do the same for a fuck if it happens to me. It’s just the right thing to do.

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Positive Life NSW produced the SEX PIGS guide based on stories and interviews so men who practice adventurous, or dark and dirty sex,
have access to more information on how to manage their health.

This adaptation was put together by AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) in collaboration with CATIE.