Pig out on wholesale priced
sex party supplies delivered
right to your door.

con·tact [kon-tak]

the act of two things or people touching.

Because if you can’t be yourself when fucking, why bother?

Sex can be nasty business! We want you to have the good kind of nasty, so we provide everything you need for your sex party and we deliver it right to your door.

Kontak is a service offered to guys who fuck other guys and who are organizers or participants of sex parties on the island of Montreal. We are your one stop connection to sexual health resources and information about STI testing. We provide all the condoms, lube, and equipment you need to keep your sex parties hot and sleazy.

Kontak is a project developed by ACCM (AIDS Community Care Montreal), a volunteer-based community organization working to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as to prevent HIV transmission, and to promote community awareness and action.